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 Presentations and Abstracts

Session 1: Key notes and programmatic lectures

01   Welcoming remarks [Ma�gorzata Kruczek, Jagiellonian University, Poland]

02   The NASA LCLUC Program Support of Projects in Eastern Europe: An Update and Future Directions
       [Garik Gutman, NASA/HQ, US]

03   Welcoming remarksGEOSS/ESA Environmental Monitoring Programs and future directions, part 2
       [Espen Volden, ESA, EU]

04   Earth Observation - CBK PAN perspective [Stanis�aw Lewi�ski, CBK PAN, Poland]

Session 2: SCERIN Goals and Directions

05   GOFC-GOLD Regional Networks: update and plans [Olga Krankina, Oregon State University, US]

06   GOFC-GOLD activities of Wageningen University [Michael Schultz, GOFC-GOLD, the Netherlands]

07   SCERIN goals and meeting objectives and agenda
       [Petya Campbell, NASA/GSFC and University of Maryland Baltimore County, US]

08   COST Action as platform for future SCERIN Network activities
       [Jana Albrechtova, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic]

Session 3: Land cover and land use change (FG2)

09   Welcoming remarksAgricultural changes in European Russia: Implication for Food Security
       [Kirsten M. de Beurs, University of Oklahoma, US]

10   Why past land use matters: learning from the Carpathians [Catalina Munteanu, University of Madison-Wisconsin, US]

11   Land use and land cover changes in the Republic of Moldova [Tatiana Popusoi, Moldovian Academy of Sciences]

12   Determination of Agricultural land abandonment in Southern Marmara Sea region, Turkey
       [Levent Genc, �anakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey]

13   The Sevan Management Information System SEMIS [Lilit Vardanyan, LSIEC, UNESCO, Armenia]

14   Mapping forest disturbances by combining Landsat image composites and Unmanned Aerial Systems
       [Ioan Vasile Abrudan and Mihai Nita, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania]

15   AUTh LULCC Forest Management and Remote Sensing activities [Ioannis Gitas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece]

16   Cultivated grasslands - changes and consequences of climate change
       [Gregory Taff, Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, Norway]

17   TBD [Vlodimir Starodubtsev, Ukraine]

Session 4: Land cover and land use change � Polish contribution (FGs 1-3)

18   Evaluation of land surface temperature patterns in the urban agglomeration of Krakow (Poland) using different satellite data and GIS [Jakub Walawender, IMGW, Poland]

19   The LULC changes in Gorce National Park (South Poland) using GEOBIA approach of CIR aerial orthophotos and nDSM from stereomatching [Piotr W�yk, University of Agriculture in Krak�w, Poland]

20   Remote Sensing and LIDAR data based forest analysis � application and research [Krzysztof Stere�czak, IBL, Poland]

21   Access to the remote sensing products [Maria Pacyga/Antoni �abaj, SmallGIS, Poland]

22   Science researches carried out by Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, and Geospatial Science Center of Excellence (GSCE) SDSU [Monika Tomaszewska, IGK, Poland]

23   Forest cover change � Department of GIS, Cartography and Remote Sensing IG&SM JU perspective
       [Katarzyna Ostapowicz, IG&SM JU, Poland]

24   Key Challenges in land cover and land use change [Jacek Kozak, IG&SM JU, Poland]

Session 5: Land Cover Change and Ecosystem/Landscape assessment (FG-1 and FG3)

25   ALS and VHR imagery based forest [G�za Kir�ly, University of West Hungary, Hungary]

26   A Fused Disturbance Model for Land Management Analysis [Braden C. Owsley, University of Oklahoma, US]

27   Estimation of soil properties with imaging and laboratory spectroscopy [Said Nawar, IG&SM JU, Poland]

28   ILE SAS infrastructure for calibration/validation of biophysical properties of vegetation and ecophysiological research
       [Andrej Halabuk, ILE SAS, Slovakia]

29   Evaluation of high spectral resolution vegetation indices for the assessment of nitrogen and chlorophyll content in potato, maize and grassland
       [Ilina Kamenova, SRTI BAS, Bulgaria]

30   Methods of meadows and tundra classification in the Krkono�e Mts. using different types of remote sensing data
       [Lucie Kupkov�, CU, Prague, Czech Republic]

31   Hypespectral-based detection of tree physiological status - projects in the Western part of the Czech Republic
       [Jana Albrechtova, CU, Prague, Czech Republic]

32   New facilities and trends in quantitative assessment of forest ecosystems from airborne data
       [Frantisek Zemek, Czech Republic]

33   Mapping forest disturbances by combining Landsat image composites and Unmanned Aerial Systems
       [Ioan Vasile Abrudan and Mihai Nita, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania]

34   FG1: Forest ecosystem monitoring: disturbances, health and biomass assessment using hyperspectral and LiDAR data
       [Moderators: Frantisek Zemek/Jana Albrechtova]

35   FG2: Land Cover Changes: effects of agricultural land abandonment, urban expansion and climate change
       [Moderators: Lucie Kupkov�/Levent Genc]

36   FG3: Validation/verification network for support of current and future LCLUC products (e.g. NASAs HyspIRI, Landsat and and ESAs GMES program) [Moderators: Andrej Halabuk/Petya Campbell]

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