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 Field Trip

Scientifc Field Trip 19 June 2013 (for participants in the SCERIN-1 Meeting)

„LCLUC in Sokolov Region in Northwestern Bohemia affected by mining activties“

Field trip information (PDF)

Field guide (PDF)


Bus tour with guided field demonstration and work in the lignite mining area in the North-West of the Bohemia province, west of the town of Karlovy Vary, close to the German border.

       The tour will be be guided by Veronika Kopačková
and Jan Mišurec from the Czech Geological Survey.
The tour will be prepared in collaboration with Petr Rojík, geologist working in the company Sokolovska uhelná, a.s. http://www.suas.cz/


Land use changes connected with mining activities and soil recclamation will be demonstrated on the background of the project GACR 205/09/1989 „Assessment of Mining Related Impacts Based on Utilization of Airborne Hyperspectral Sensor“ http://www.geology.cz/project619100/

The lunch is going to be at the Statek Bernard http://www.statek-bernard.cz/.

About Sokolov Region:

The Sokolov region is largely affected by mining activities: open casts and dump sites.


from: http://www.geology.cz/project619100/sokolov

The Sokolov basin, dating from the Oligocene to Miocene epochs, extends over 8 to 9 km in width and 36 km long with a total area of about 200 km2. The basin comprises 60 % volcanic ejecta resulting from faults and volcanic cones and 40 % sediments. Hydrothermal fluids have been circulating along the faults where silicification and sulphur are found, and exposure of the latter can result in Acid Mine Drainage.


Lignite is found only in the western part of the basin and comprises three coal seams. The Josef coal seam represents the lower one, just over the basement rocks. It is very rich in sulphur (up to 5%) and arsenic (60 – 70 ppm).

More information on: http://www.geology.cz/project619100/sokolov

Illustration photos: http://www.remotesensing-geology.ic.cz/gals/gals.html


(Source of images: http://www.remotesensing-geology.ic.cz/gals/sokolov2011/sokolov2011.html)

We are looking forvard to meeting you there!