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 Adjoining Events

The regional meeting of International Geographical Union (IGU) LUCC workgroup meeting, was held in Prague 20-22 June, 2013 (organized by Ivan Bicik).

June 19: The seminar focused on land cover changes in Czechia and Middle Europe was realized under supervision of Czech Geographical Society and its section Regional Geography together with Historical Geography Research Centre in Prague. Seminar was in Czech language.

June 20 - 23: International IGU LUCC seminar (in English). Especially European LUCC researchers discussed Land Use and Cover Changes from different angles land use and remote sensing, historical land use, landscape function changes, land use/land cover of cities and urban sprawl etc. After this two - day section there was organized the field trip (June 22th) to the landscape of Middle and North West Bohemia, intensively changed by human activities.

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