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 Presentations and Abstracts

SCERIN-1 Meeting, Day 1, Monday, 17 June 2013

Lecture number

01   Meeting opening and agenda [Jana Albrechtova, CU, CZ]

Keynote Lectures [Jana Albrechtov�]

02   The NASA LCLUC program & GOFC-GOLD SCERIN [Garik Gutman, NASA, USA]

03   The GOFC-GOLD networks [Olga Krankina, Oregon State University, USA]

04   The SCERIN network, focus groups, meeting goals & agenda [Petya Campbell, UMBC & NASA/GSFC, USA]

05   GOFC-GOLD implementation teams, GEO LCLCC [Brice Mora, GOFC-GOLD, NL]

06   Land use changes in Czechia evaluated by data from cadastral evidency (1845 - 1896 - 1948 - 1990 - 2010). [Ivan Bi��k, IGU LC/LUC, CU, CZ]

07   ESA Earth Observation programme and results [Francesco Sarti, ESA, EU-I]

08   Land Cover Initiatives in GEOSS [Jan Kolar, Czech Space Office; CU, CZ]

Session 1: Forest condition, disturbance & biomass [Lucie Kupkov� / Gregory Taff]

09   Assessment of forest decline and forest regeneration process from combined space/airborne data [Frantisek Zemek, CzechGlobe, CZ]

10   Remote sensing of forests and forest fires in Europe [Lorenzo Busetto, JRC, EU-I]

11   Monitoring Norway spruce forest conditions using hyperspectral data [Jana Albrechtov�, CU, CZ]

12   Vegetation mapping of the High Tatras and the Karkonosze Mts. using hyperspectral images and neural networks [Bogdan Zagajewski, University of Warsaw, PL]

13   Legal and illegal clear cutting of forest detection on Landsat imagery: a case study in Romania [Vladimir Gancz, Forest Research and Management Institute, RO]

Session 2: Land Cover Changes [Levent Genc / Andrej Halabuk]

14   GMES European Continental Mapping & Monitoring [Luk� Brodsk�, GISAT, Czech University of Life Sciences, CZ]

15   Land Use and land Cover Change around �anakkale (Dardanelles) Strait using Landsat Data: 1987-2011 [Levent Genc, CSM University, TR]

16   Land cover and land use change and its consequences: detection and simulation [Katarzyna Ostapowicz, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, PL]

17   Hyperspectral remote sensing as a tool to map and monitor open-pit mines in Sokolov [Veronika Kopa�kov�, Czech Geological Survey, CZ]

18   Land use and land cover changes in the Carpathian Basin. Experiences in the vectorisation of the archive maps [G�za Kir�ly, University of West Hungary, H]

19   Remote sensing in invasive plant ecology? Detection, monitoring and control of alien plant species [Jana M�llerov�, Institute of Botany Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republicc, CZ]

20   GEONETCAB project: GeoNetwork for Capacity Building, FP7 [Premysl Stych , CU, CZ]

SCERIN-1 Day 2, Tuesday, 18 June 2013

8:30 � 9:00 Registration, coffee refreshment [Room 373]

Session 3: SCERIN Special topics [G�za Kir�ly / Brice Mora]

21   Land cover and land cover change detection at national level - An example from Greece [Ioannis Gitas, ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI, GR]

22   Aerospace test sites on the territory of Bulgaria - state & prospects [Lachezar Filchev, SRTI-BAS, BG]

22   Land cover changes in river deltas of the Black Sea basin [Volodymyr Starodubtsev, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, UKR]

23   Monitoring of grassland management practices by using multitemporal classification of Landsat & Modis [Andrej Halabuk, Institute of Landscape Ecology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Nitra, SK]

24   High-Resolution Global Monitoring of Urban Settlements [Mattia Marconcini / DLR, G]

25   Urban Remote Sensing & Object-Based Image Analysis [Levente Ronczyk, University of Pecs, H]

Session 3: SCERIN Special topics - continued [Vladimir Gancz / Bogdan Zagajewski]

26   Using land surface phenologies for change analysis [Geoffrey M. Henebry, GIScCE/South Dakota State University, USA]

27   Reforestation in Central and Eastern Europe after the breakdown of socialism [Gregory Taff, Norwegian Forestry Landscape Institute, N]

28   Broad scale LCLUC in Eastern Europe: patterns, drivers and effects [Catalina Muntenau, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA]

Session 4: SCERIN Focus Groups [Olga Krankina / Petya Campbell]

29   Discussions on SCERIN Focus Group 1 (FG1)

FG1: Forest monitoring - disturbances, health and biomass [Frantisek Zemek/Bogdan Zagajewski/ Jana Albrechtova]

30   Discussions on SCERIN Focus Group 2 (FG2)

FG2: Land Cover Changes: agricultural land abandonment, urban expansion [Lucie Kupkov�/Premysl Stych/Levent Genc]

31   Formation of FGs & discussions of SCERIN �hot topics� [Everyone, Krankina/Campbell]

SCERIN-1 reporting: Recommendations & Action items, Next venue [Petya Campbell / Jana Albrechtova / Olga Krankina, Garik Gutman, Everyone]

32   Summary of Session 1 Session 1: Forest condition, disturbance & biomass [Jana Albrechtova]

33   Summary of Session 2 Session 2: Land Cover Changes [Lucie Kupkov�]

We are looking forvard to meeting you there!