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SCERIN-3 Day 1 (7/13/2015 Monday)

Plenary Session (Session Chair: Jana Albrechtova, Records: Mihai Nita and Géza Király)

   Host Introduction and Opening, Formal Welcome [Ioan Abduran]
   Key note: Introduction to the forest and land use in Romania: Past and Present [Ioan Abduran]
   Key note: NASA/LCLUC support of SCERIN? [Garik Gutman]

Plenary Session (Session Chair: Garik Gutman, Records: Gregory Taff and Mihai Nita)

   SCERIN Report, Workshop Goals and Agenda [Petya Campbell]
   Overview of EARSEL activities, as relevant to SCERIN [Ioannis Manakos]
   Overview of LCLU changes in Central and Eastern Europe [Premysl Stych]

Plenary Session (Session Chair: Ioan Abrudan, Records: Catalina Munteanu and Vladimir Gancz)

   Satellite data use for severe meteo-hydrological events monitoring and related risks in Romania [Anisoara Irimescu]
   Briefing of SCERIN group of the book on Eastern Europe [Volker Radeloff]
   SCERIN overview papers (OPs): topics, outline, leader, team, participants and deadlines [Jana Albrechtova]
   Questions & Discussion [Petya Campbell]

Research highlights (Session Chair: Mihai Nita, Records: Frantisek Zemek and Piotr Wezyk)

   Greek National Forest Observatory [Thomas Katagis]
   Forest monitoring on the Danube floodplain area by different remote sensing methods [Géza Király]
   TBD Use of ArcGIS Online to share validation data [Vladimir Gancz]
   Sentinel -1 Validation System by IGiK [Monika Tomaszewska]

Research highlights (Session Chair: Levent Genc, Records: Levente Ronczyk and Thomas Katagis)

   Quantitative assessment of forest ecosystems from airborne data [Frantisek Zemek]
   Monitoring Phenology Changes and Grassland Productivity in Poland and northern Norway [Gregory Taff]
   Legacies of 19h century affect contemporary land cover [Catalina Munteanu]
   Utilizing SAR data for land monitoring [Levente Ronczyk]
   Airborne Laser Scanning versus Stereomatching of aerial photos based approach [Piotr Wezyk]

SCERIN-3 Day 2 (7/15/2015 Wednesday)

SCERIN Programmatic Panel - Regional and National Priorities (Chair: Petya Campbell, Records: Gregory Taff)

   Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey,

FG1: Poster Speed Talks (See FG1: Posters below, Session Chair: Petya Campbell)

   1   Hyperspectral data based monitoring of forest health status [Jana Albrechtova]
   2   Correlation of Norway spruce biometric stand parameters based on airborne LiDAR and terrestrial methods
        [Bogdan Apostol]
   3   Forest monitoring in South-Western Hungary based on Landsat time-series [Ivan Barton]
   4   Monitoring of the forest cover dynamics in the Tatra National Park using remote sensing and GEOBIA approach
         - the case study of the windstorm od December 2013 in the Western Polish Tatra [Pawel Hawrylo]
   5   Preliminary results of AFORENSA project [Luka Rumora]
   6   TLS inventory of single tree Oak "Bartek" in Zagnansk [Piotr Rysiak]
   7   Using of GIS and Remote Sensing for forest mapping and monitoring in Slovakia [Ivan Sackov]
   8   Remote sensing for evaluation of state and change of Norway Spruce stands in the Krkonoše Mts. National Park
        [Premysl Stych]
   9   Mapping of the garbage along tourist routes in Polish National Parks using geomatic technologies
        [Michal Usien]
   10 The detection of windfall and widbreak in Norway spruce stands using GEOBIA, LiDAR and aerial photo based 3D
        point clouds - a case of study in Koscieliska Valley (Tatra National Park, Poland) [Piotr Wezyk]
   11 A change vector analysis technique for monitoring land cover changes in Copsa Mica, Romania, in the period
        1985-2011 [Iosif Vorovencii]

Parallel working sessions of FG1 and FG2 on the overview papers

FG2: Poster Speed Talks (See FG2: Posters below, Session Chair: Jana Albrechtova)

   1   Change detection approaches used by Earth Observation Group in CBK PAN [Sebastian Alexandrowicz]

   2   Automatic monitoring system of the Earth's surface based on MODIS data in relation SCERIN [Sebastian Alexandrowicz]
   3   Use of Landsat images and topographic data for characterization of agricultural lands in Znojmo region,
        Czech Republic [Olga Brovkin]
   4   EO-1 Hyperion spectral time series for ecosystem function and satellite data comparison [Petya Campbell]
   5   Linking Land use land cover change and population around IDA mountain using historical photographs and
        Landsat 8 data [Levent Genc]
   6   Automated optical sensing of the dynamics in vegetation fluorescence, reflectance and temperature, indicative
        of ecosystem carbon assimilation [Petya Campbell]
   7   Land cover mapping with use of satellite data in regional scale: a case study from the Carpathians [Agnieszka Gajda]
   8   Land cover changes related with gas and oil extraction [Volodymyr Starodubtsev]
   9   The landscape decomposition of the of Festung Krakau - a new approach based on Aerial Laser Scannig point cloud
        processing and GIS spatial analyses [Karolina Zieba]

SCERIN-3 Day 3 (7/16/2015 Thursday)

Observers Programmatic Panel (Chair: Jana Albrechtova) : Armenia, Georgia

Forest change monitoring from remote-sensing time-series [Loic Dutrieux]

SCERIN Reporting

   Overview papers status: action items and deadlines
(Report from the working sessions of FG1 and FG2)
   Workshop outcomes, actions and deadlines [Petya Campbell and Jana Albrechtova]

SCERIN Future plans, activities and potential venues [Petya Campbell and Jana Albrechtova]

   Presentation of proposal for SCERIN 2016 in Zvolen, Slovakia (approved by the SCERIN members). Submitted in October 2015.
   Presentation of proposal for SCERIN 2017. Please consider as also as opportunity for 2016 if the proposal for Zvolen, Slovakia
    is not approved.

COST Proposal [Jana Albrechtová]

   COST Action as a platform for future SCERIN Network activities
   COST Action Proposal Submission, Evaluation, Selection and Approval
   COST Open Call and COST New Action Proposal Submission, Evaluation, Selection and Approval Procedure