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The goal of the SCERIN-6 CBW is to identify the LCDs precursors of LCCs in SCERIN and review how the remote sensing community can support and contribute to the environmental stability in the region and forecast the forthcoming LCCs.

Through working sessions, discussions and field trip during the four days� workshop, the SCERIN-6 participants will review the recent research accomplishments in the LCLUC research areaGOFC-GOLDLD and GEO, and will:
  • finalize the regional �30m GLC� and other validation activities (toward a peer review paper),
  • foster new ideas for network collaborations and joint projects/manuscripts by participants, and
  • address in the working sessions specific issues/needs in LCC characterization in the regionof South, Central and Eastern Europe (SCE), with special attention on LCD precursors ofLCC.

The objectives of the SCERIN-6 workshop include:
  1. Inform about ongoing major scientific efforts and projects with possible contribution and follow up activities of the SCERIN participants.
  2. Outline the specific LCLUC research, applications and needs in the SCE region.
  3. Address SCE priority topics, with focus on �Remote sensing in LCD precursors of LCC, Monitoring of environmental, economic stability of substantial ecosystems (forests, urban areas, floodplains)�, and �Assessment of natural systems disturbance by LCC, withinthe SCERIN political borders�.
  4. Review the requirements and availability of satellite data, products, and approaches for land cover monitoring in SCE.
  5. Provide forum and opportunity for the SCERIN Focus Groups (FGs) oriented to the above defined topics to resolve specific issues to enhance capacity building in the region.

The workshop will facilitate the discussions and work of the SCERIN four focus groups:

FG1: Forest monitoring: disturbances, health and biomass [Leads: J. Albrechtov� and F. Zemek].
FG2: Land Cover Changes: agricultural land abandonment, urban expansion [Leads: L. Kupkov�, L.Genc].
FG3: Validation/verification network for support of current and future satellite NASA (HyspIRI, LDCM) and ESA missions (GMES Sentinel/ESA and Hungarian programs) [Leads: A. Halabuk, P. Campbell].
FG4: Water management and ENVIRONMENT [substantial river watersheds, catchments, dams, Leads: V. Starodubtsev, I. Pilas, L. Filchev, G. Taff].