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SCERIN-4 Day 1 (7/19/2016 Tuesday)
Plenary Session (Session Chair: Andrej Halabuk)
  • Opening [Andrej Halabuk, Ivan Sa�kov, R�bert Smre�ek ]

  • Host Introduction: NFC [Tom� Bucha, Director of NFC ]

  • Host Introduction: TUZVO [Jaroslav ��lka, Pro-Rector of TUZVO ]

  • Host Introduction: SAS [Lubo� Halada, Deputy Director of SAS ]

SCERIN Update (Session Chair: Jana Albrechtova, Records: Petya Campbell)
Research highlights Slovakia (Session Chair: Andrej Halabuk, Records: G�za Kir�ly)
FG1: Poster Speed Talks (See FG1: Forest monitoring)
  1. Responses to recent climate changes  in the common beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) ecosystems  in Croatia [Ivan Pilas]

  2. The use of remote sensing and piezometric groundwater data in the management and adaptation of water regime in Croatian lowland forests [Ivan Medved]

  3. Monitoring system for natural forest dynamic in the fragments of virgin forest of Carpathian region [Ivan Barton]

  4. The use of satellite imagery in the assessment of the restoration of the �esma forest in North-Western Croatia [Luka Rumora]

  5. Long-term disturbance patterns  in Romanian forests [Mihai Daniel Nita]

  6. Forest Fires in Georgia monitoring with MODIS [Sophiko Kenkebashvili]

FG2: Poster Speed Talks (See FG2: Land Cover Changes)
  1. Fire monitoring on agricultural lands and prediction of possible effects on soil [Giorgi Ghambashidze]

  2. Strategies to Study Invasive Weed Management [Gregory Taff]

  3. Human impact on the land cover change in University forest enterprise in Zvolen [Roman Sitko]

  4. Inland excess water mapping using RapidEye images [ Minucs�r M�sz�ros]

  5. New land resources formation in large water reservoirs (in Ukraine and global) [Volodymyr Starodubtsev]

  6. New landscapes formation in water reservoirs [Volodymyr Starodubtsev]

  7. Towards �flexible� spectral time series and measurements for assessment of ecosystem productivity and bio-diversity [Petya Campbell]

SCERIN-4 Day 2 (7/20/2016 Wednesday)
SCERIN Programmatic Panel
Research highlights SCERIN(Chair: Levente Ronczyk, Records: Gregory Taff )
SCERIN-4 Day 3 (7/21/2016 Thursday)
Observers Programmatic Panel : Georgia and Norway ( Chair/Records: Petya Campbell)
SCERIN Future plans, activities and potential venues (Jana Albrechtova)